How does Reading Make You a Better Speaker

1401/03/23 عمومی
Can Reading Improve Your Speaking Skills


In our modern technology-driven world, where we are more engrossed than ever with ourselves, people are losing the ability to be good speakers! It seems we are losing our speaking skills and people are often hesitant to engage in conversations or speak in public!

But, if you like to read books, you may be wondering whether reading makes you a better speaker!

There is a strong relationship between reading and speaking skills.Reading contributes, amongst other things, to vocabulary building, accuracy in the use of grammar, and enhances the ability to spontaneously speak and communicate verbally.

When you read a good book, you see how language experts use language effectively.Although reading influences speaking skills positively, there are differences between reading and speaking skills.

The main difference between speaking and reading is that speaking is a process of verbal communication, while reading is a process of comprehension of something written. Reading skills enable you to assimilate and learn whereas speaking skills allow you to reproduce words that you’ve learned.
Thus, speaking skills involve tools to negotiate, exchange opinions and ideas, share and express feelings, and so forth. You need specific skills to execute these actions effectively. Speaking also needs and consumes body energy, and interestingly, often makes you fluent in jargon.

How are vocabulary and grammar related to reading?

You expand your vocabulary with new words that you discover in the books, and you discover how language experts apply grammar rules. The more books you read the more new words you add to your vocabulary.

You also experience how authors use well-known words, as well as words that have been unknown to you, grammatically correct. Through reading, you learn unconsciously how to fit words and phrases together when you are speaking. Reading helps you to master language patterns. When you are in conversation with somebody or address people in public, these new words and how they are used forms part of your “speaking tools.”

It is sometimes said that to speak, you need skills to “extract” words and “formulas” from your brain and memory and use them. When you read, however, words and grammar formulas are received by your brain and put into memory.

Thus, although reading and speaking use different skills  reading helps you to be a better speaker by supplying new words and concepts and teaching you how to use grammar correctly.


Tips to Improve Speaking skills:

  • Read and Listen to the same Book

If you have the opportunity to read a book and simultaneously listen to it on an audiobook you literally double the speed of remembering words and phrases.

If you can’t do it simultaneously, it is still a good idea to listen to the audiobook after you’ve read the book.

One important benefit of listening to an audiobook is that you can hear the correct pronunciation of new and unknown words.When you know how to pronounce a word you’ll have the confidence to use it when speaking.

  • Read Aloud in Front of a Mirror

Talking about confidence – it is recommended that you read aloud in front of a mirror to overcome confidence issues. To see yourself reading confidently makes it easier for you to speak confidently.





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